4 Tip for choosing the best baby diaper for your baby

Jun. 03, 2017Hits:4921

There are so many diapers in the market. How to choose the best baby diaper? To help mommy, we summarizes the following points to choose diaper method.

1.Choose a Diaper that Exceeds in Absorbency
Pour the warm water on the diaper lightly, Does the water observed from middle to both sides and evening absorbent? Then use toliet paper wipe the surface, observe whether the toilet paper is wet. Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) powder can keep baby skin cool and dry.

2.Choose a Breathable Dipaer
Put the diaper on the glass, and pour the warm water on the diaper lightly. Until the diaper obsorbe the water, see if the glass is moist. Chiaus baby diaper have the super thin fluff pulp absorbent core with ultra strong absorbing capacity that can keep baby skin dry and cool.

3.Choose a Right Size
Diaper size varies from brand to brand. But usually there are new born, small, medium, large, and extra-large; 5 sizes of diapers available in the market.Try various brands to find the best fit. Mommy should be notice.

4. Choose a Comfortable Diaper
Chiaus baby diaper have all-around flexibility accommodates to baby's free movements, amazing stretchable range gives your little angel the most comfortable and snug fit and unique U-shape leg cuffs perfectly fit baby's body.

Choose Chiaus Baby Diaper. Your baby derserves better.