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Within 24 hours of childbirth or surgery
What is the right way to care about yourself?

★Observation of the uterus

Take your blood pressure and pulse every 15 to 30 minutes within 2 hours of delivery. After the nurse has checked, the new mother can massage the uterus on the bed by herself to promote uterine contraction and reduce postpartum bleeding. If you feel more bleeding than your period, u shall tell your doctor or nurse in time.
★Pain Relief
The natural delivery of the mother can take some oral pain medication or ice compress wound. When the wound is painful, knees close together can relieve the pain. Adequate analgesia will be given within 24 hours after the cesarean section, and there is no necessary to worry about the effect of analgesics on breastfeeding. Doctors will consider this when choosing a medication.

★ Diet Attention
The principle of the maternal diet is small, frequent meals and easy to digest. When feeling hungry, can eat some simple food, choose the food which is soft and easy to digest, such as, noodle soup, thick and thin congee, steamed egg custard.
When there is no abnormal condition, you can go to the toilet to urinate yourself within 6 hours after delivery. The urine volume after delivery is significantly increased, and you should urinate by yourself as soon as possible.

Arranging visits from family and friends is important after giving birth. Postpartum within 24 hours, it is not suitable to visit, especially not suitable for multiple people to visit.
The mother of natural birth can get out of bed to do some activities after a few hours of a postpartum, cesarean section of the mother can do some simple activities the next morning.
Postpartum within half an hour shall do early touch, early suck. For the first breastfeeding, even if the milk cannot be squeezed out, it is good for the baby to suck.

Finally, I wish all postpartum mothers, can be in the best care after 24hours of postpartum, have a good body!
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