Chiaus Diapers Company 10th Anniversary Celebration

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On July 22, 2016, "a decade promise , not live up to love and Genius" as the theme of Chiaus Group of the 10th anniversary celebration was held in Quanzhou City.
2016 is the first decade of the Chiaus Group established. In celebration of the day, the chairman of Mr. Zheng Jiaming first made a statement on the celebration. In his speech, Mr. Zheng Jiaming introduced Chiaus Group ten years of development history and impressive achievements, but also represents a new era full of competition, Chiaus will seize the opportunity of  sailing confidence. He hoped that the Chiaus brand step a new decade in the near future, and all the people in the Chiaus will be more efficiently, with higher standards for themselves in the future work, so that Chiaus diapers brand will be famous in China and win the trust of the world !

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Chiaus 10th anniversary celebration video