• 17 Aug 2016

    How to Hold Newborn Baby Correctly

    The body of newborn baby is very soft, many new parents are afraid to hold the baby. Chiaus diapers manufacturer tidies some tips to help you know how to hold newborn babies.

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  • 10 Aug 2016

    How to make a high quality baby sleep

    Most of the time is spent in sleep for newborn babies, the sleep is the time of physical growth for babies, which is known to all. So ensure the babies a good quality of sleep, can make them grow up healthily.Chiaus diapers manufacturer will introduce you why some babies without the restful sleep.

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  • 02 Aug 2016

    How to toilet train your baby

    How to toilet train your baby? As baby growing up, parents will suffer the baby toilet issue, a scientific training way, will make the toilet training easier. Below is the suggestions sorted out by Chiaus brand diapers manufacturer.

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  • 27 Jul 2016

    7 steps to massage your baby

    To massage for baby is a good way to communicate with him, and also good for his health. To stimulate the baby's skin will make him create more hormone, and improve the absorption of food, digestion and excretion, baby grow faster. Chiaus diapers manufacturer will introduce for you.

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  • 21 Jul 2016

    Three ways to keep baby with enough sleep time

    Nowadays,there are too many baby without enough sleep time, some because of the enviroment, some due to the physical problems.But whatever factors,we can change this situation, below is three ways suggested by chiaus baby diaper manufacturer

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