How to care your baby's face skin in winter

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Baby’s delicate skin is always with all kinds of situations in the cold and dry winter. The soft and smooth cheek in the usual will always become red and with small knots.
If baby’s skin become tight and with small gap in the face, that means baby’s skin is cracked. How to deal with this situation? Here to share with you a few baby skin care methods.
Parents need to give baby more water in the winter, since the air is very dry and water loss is serious. Besides this, parents should let the baby eat more food which rich in vitamin A. Because people’s face with become dry when their body lack of vitamin A.

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Parents should not use too high temperature water to wash baby’s face and mouth, warm water will be better. Use special made baby care products for the baby, and use only water to clean the baby. Dry the baby’s face and hand in time after washing, and coated with good effect moisturizing cream.
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Avoid blowing for the baby, choose the time with good weather to take the baby outdoor, remember to wear the baby with scarf or a mask if the wind is strong. Parents should pack paper towels and moisturizing cream in their bag all times, so that can dry it in time if the baby’s face or hand stained with water, or if the baby sweating, crying, parents need to dry it timely and coated with moisturizing cream.
Parents no need to worry too much if there is already face chapped phenomenon on the baby’s face. Parents can use warm water to clean baby’s face and hand every night before baby sleepy, can also use hot towel to cover baby face for a while, and then coated it with skin lotion or cream with glycerin, messaging when coating, after skin absorbed, coated it one more time. By this way, after several days, baby’s skin will soon recover.
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If the baby lack of vitamin A, there will also be dry, chapped face appeared. If the baby’s skin problem is too serious, parents should take them to hospital, and check baby’s trace element, supplement the vitamin under doctor’s recommendation.
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