How to do if children constipated

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How to do if children constipated
1. Diet: Increase the dietary fiber from food, such as vegetables, fruits and so on. Do not eat too much food which is easy to cause constipation, such as peel milk, bananas, apples without peel, etc. And eat more food that won't cause constipation, such as meat, eggs, etc.
2. Drink more water: Water can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and defecation as soon as possible.
3. Reduce their heart pressure: When your children constipated, don't blame them. Parents should create a good family atmosphere, let them in a state of peace.
4. Training your children: Let your children sit on a bedpan after daily meals for at least 10 minutes (reflective peristalsis will increase after eating) and tell them it's not necessary to poop unless if they want.
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The reasons why children constipated
1. Inadequate diet: Less eating, less defecating. Eating inadequate diet for a long time will cause malnutrition, abs and intestinal muscle wasting, peristalsis, obstinate constipation.
2. The structure of food ingredient isn’t good: If the food contains high protein and a lot of calcified casein, but lack of dross, it will cause constipation; For example, milk contains more calcium than breast milk, therefore the baby who fed with milk will be constipated more often those baby who fed with breast milk.
3. Bowel dysfunction: Irregular life and no defecating on time will eventually lead to intestinal muscle relaxation and constipation. A variety of chronic diseases, make intestines muscle fatigue, dysfunctional, also can appear constipation.
4. Disease factors: Such as anal fissure, stricture of anus, congenital mega colon also can cause constipation, moreover, it is associated with genetic and physical factors.
5. Mental factor: The changes of living environment and lifestyle, sudden mental stimulation and other factors, can also lead to the occurrence of constipation. 
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How to prevent the baby from constipation
1. Change dietary: Advocate breastfeeding, mothers should pay attention to a balanced diet, should not eat high protein food too much, but eat vegetables and fruits as much as possible. When breastfed babies constipation, can add moisten intestines food like sugar juice, orange juice, honey, sweet water refined milk etc.
2. Reduce feeding with milk appropriately, and add complementary, such as add sugar in milk, feeding them with honey, pear juice, orange juice, tomato juice, vegetable juice, and so on to stimulate peristalsis, promoting defecation. Young children should eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, sweet potatoes, etc.
3. Children with malnutrition should strengthen nutrition and physical strength to make the abdominal wall and bowel wall thickening, increase tension.
4. Develop good defecation habit, it is recommended that the children should defecate once a day, preferably after supper. Do not change the defecation time easily, do not reduce defecation frequency involuntary. For children with constipation, can let them doing squats firstly before defecating to increase abdominal pressure, or massage abdomen from clockwise direction, promoting bowel peristalsis, achieve the goal of defecation.
5. Avoiding spicy and hot goods, such as pepper, lamb, diet should be light.
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