4 tips of baby cough nursing

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In cold winter, repeatedly haze weather, many babies often have a coughing. Doctors said that the baby get a cough nearly 80% is caused by a virus or climate change. Except for etiology treatment, paying attention to baby care and application of diet therapy can get the effect of adjuvant therapy. Many times the baby can’t recover from a cough is because parents don’t care the baby well.
Principles of nursing baby
1. Keep the air fresh and increase humidity
If the baby has a cough, should pay attention to the room humidity, the most suitable indoor relative humidity is 65%, so the most comfortable indoor relative humidity should be between 60% and 70%. In addition to keep indoor air fresh, avoiding dust and bad smell in case stimulate the sick baby to get worse.
2. Reassure baby's mood patiently
Treating the sick baby should be patient and minimize their crying and mood swing. Telling them stories or doing some interesting games with them, distracting the baby’s attention with toys can reduce the frequency of coughing.
3. Pat the baby’s back to help them coughing up phlegm 
When the baby cough, parents should pick up him and pat the baby's back gently in all sides with hand. If the baby cough immediately when parents pat some place, illustrate the sputum is there, then parents should pat the place more heavy.
4. Diet should be delicate and easy for absorption
The sick baby's diet should be delicate but rich in nutrition and easy to digest and absorb, they should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, etc.