Limmit Our Child to Use Phone

Sep. 29, 2017Hits:7000

We have realized that mobile phones and other electronic products have a great influence on children's eyesight. We have to play attention to control the play time.

Watch phone for 20 minutes
  • The child's vision dropped to an average of 43.8 degrees myopia
  • Tear break-up time averaged 5.3 seconds
  • Blink an average of 7.67 times per minute
  • Play for 20 minutes, iPad
  • The child's vision dropped to an average of 41.7 degrees myopia
  • Tear break-up time averaged 5 seconds
  • Blink an average of 4.67 times per minute
  • Children watch LCD TV for 20 minutes straight
  • The child's vision dropped to an average of 18.8 degrees myopia
  • Tear break-up time averaged 6.7 seconds
  • Blink an average of 9 times per minute
Our child has become addicted to addiction. Then, what are the ways to help children quit iPad, mobile phone?
Penalty for Over Time
Many of the Silicon Valley executives, including Jobs, they will limit their children use of digital products, such as the prohibition of their use of digital products in the non weekend evening and weekend, can use the digital products is also very limited time.
We believe that children play electronic products, whether excessive indulgence or strict prohibition are irrational, and grasp the sense of propriety is the right way. Parents can give their children the time to play, for example, each time they can not play more than half an hour, if the return on time, the next time you can play; if not returned this time, next time no play. Follow the rules, and the child will soon be used to it.
Divert attention
When children want to play electronic products or can't stop, parents can divert their children's attention. For example, to attract children with toys or children; with a family game; tell interesting stories to the children with children; painting; children, or go out for a walk to the park and so on, are good attention transfer. The reason why children indulge in playing electronic products, the big reason is that no one accompanied by play, or less parents accompanied, and even parents take the initiative to provide children with "electronic nanny" caused.
Lead by example
When a child was young, he didn't know what his cell phone and iPad were, because parents were always playing around, so curious children wanted to see what attracted their parents. Then, they will learn the way parents here to make sure there, according to, gradually attracted by the novelty. Whenever parents play electronic products, the children also tend to play more strongly. Therefore, parents want children to play less electronic products, the role of parents is particularly important. So when you get home from work, your parents will put your cell phone and iPad on the side and play with your kids and play, which is the best way to wean yourself from this addiction.