Choosing the right training pants is important to your baby during learning to walk!

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Every step of the baby's future begins with the first step. Mum and dad have done a lot of preparations in order to make the baby pass learning-walk period.
However, some parents neglect the baby's increased urine volume and become more mobile during the baby's learning-walk period. They do not change the paper diapers into training pants in time, resulting in problems such as leakage of urine, red buttocks and abrasion of thigh skin.
When the baby starts to move, like waving small hands and feet, start learning to climb, parents should give the baby to change into training pants. However, how to choose paper diapers has become a headache, in fact, the choice of walking pants, following three principles can be:
I. Light and breathable
Choosing light breathable training pants can not only give the baby a pleasant and comfortable free experience, but also drain the hot air in time. Chiaus “Super Thin & Heavy absoption Baby Training Pants" is the best choice for outdoor daily use. It solves the problems of excessive urine, wet buttocks and incompatibility for babies, and has been praised by thousands of mothers.
2. Fast wearing and tearing
Chiaus training pants is small underwear design, easy to tear and pull,  wear very convenient, novice parents can easily start, do not have to chase behind the baby. The training pants fit the baby's body curve, double leak-proof edge is not afraid of side leakage and more comfortable. Lengthened urine indication tells parents to change diapers, elastic waistband is not easy to drop.
3. Double Leakage Prevention
The 3CM three-dimensional leak-proof side with outer leak-proof leg guard is specially designed by Chiaus' training pants. It has double protection and saves worries day and night. Mothers can also sleep well.

Choosing the right training pants, every step is a surprise during baby's learning-walk period.