The Importance of Father's Love

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Father's love is good for social development of the baby
Mother's love is exquisite, gentle, but father's love is bold and unconstrained. The expression of love is different, so the feeling of the baby is also different. The baby receive social emotional wealth from their father. Baby may obtain normal personality development if they get father's love.
Father's love is more advantageous to the baby's growing  
A new USA research shows that children brought up by man are more intelligent, they will get better grades at school, and are more likely to succeed in society. Education experts believe that the father has greater purpose in education. Fathers generally have a plan to educate their children, but mothers will be worse in this respect. On the cultivation of habits, father can teach children to be independent, decisive, has the brave spirit and the spirit of adventure.
Father's love is more advantageous to the logical thinking development
A research shows that the father has a great influence on the baby's ability of mathematical logic development. Get along with father more close, babies are better in math. However, babies often get along with mothers will embody on the interest in new things.
Father's love is conducive to the baby's healthy development of gender
In communication with boys, the strict requirements from fathers can make them learn how to review their behavior, learn how to take responsibility, and boys can observe and imitate men's language and behavior from their fathers, then increasingly show masculinity.
When communicating with daughters, fathers can build a good and clear example to them, and distinguish the difference between men and women, more conducive to cultivate girls femininity, and daughters can also learn adventure, enterprising, the independence spirits from fathers.
It is in the foil contrast of father and mother, children will better understand the meaning of men and women which let children form gender role formation healthy and smoothly.
Father's love makes the baby more creative
From education point of view, fathers usually encourage children to do things by themselves , while mothers prefer to help children do what they can do.
Father's love gives the baby support and confidence
In the heart of children, mother's love is ubiquitous, surrounded them, but they only remind of fathers when there is a significant change, father lies on the bottom of heart. Especially when they grow up, every major turning point in life, they are more likely to think of their father, for them father is a kind of spiritual power.

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