How to treat baby drooling

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Mommy always put a bib to treat baby drooling, it seems normal, actually, if mommy don't deal with it in time, it will also cause some damage to baby's skin. When drooling phenomenon often occurs in baby's certain age, mommy should pay attention to drooling is possible a distress signal from baby. How to treat baby drooling? Following are our suggestions.

Baby drooling, is particularly obvious in infants' teething, this period of oral is a vital organ of the infants with satisfaction. Drooling increase will ease the pain of the gum, the drooling is a physiological phenomenon, not a disease, it is unnecessary to treatment, only pay attention to nursing it. At this point, the mommy should pay attention to take good care of the shin around the oral, because some of the drooling contains oral bacterial and materials such as amylase, have certain stimulation to the skin, if mommy don't nurse carefully, the skin around oral will be red and has a thin red papules.
At the time, mommy shouldn’t use coarser handkerchief or towel on baby's lips to erase, which is easy to damage the skin, and the application of very soft handkerchief or napkins dip in a little bit to flow to the outside of the mouth drooling, then clean with clear water  at least twice, let the baby's face, neck keep dry, apply some baby creme, avoid baby eczema due to drooling. If some mommy is afraid to drooling leaving in the baby’s cloth, can hand a cotton baby bib, soft, slightly thick, strong water absorption, the fabric is the first selection of bib. If baby has a rash or skin erosion, had better go to a hospital to have a treatment.
During the period of skin inflammation, mommy should maintain baby’s skin cleaner, more relaxed, and treated by the symptoms. If need to apply antibiotic or antipruritic ointment, the best time to wipe medicine is before bed or in sleeping, in order to avoid baby eating it and influence the health.

Is baby drooling all normal? Of course not, some babies in a period of gum itching in the baby's teeth bud period, inflation pain, increased drooling, can give the baby use moderate mouth chewing gum. Let more than 6 months eat molar biscuit, can reduce teething gums discomfort, but also stimulate the teeth as soon as possible grow, reduce drooling. Some babies have full teeth in 2 ~ 3 years old, the drooling still keeps flowing, Mommy should take baby to the hospital to get a treatment.
When baby drooling, mommy should nursing carefully. For baby's skin, mommy should clean with care according to baby's age, until a certain age of baby, the situation will improve significantly. If baby is old enough but still drooling, he should have a treatment.

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