Adult diapers help the elderly incontinence care problems

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Everyone has an old day. China is rapidly entering the aging society, aging tendency is serious, followed by many problems. Old man incontinence is due to age, physical function from their own control, and the loss of urinary self-control ability, although not fatal, but the patient has a strong inferiority complex, greatly affect the social and social quality of life.
In the "Healthy China 2030" Plan "clearly put forward, will establish a sound and efficient health service system, the outline from the national level to the future development of health industry to give guidance.Health industry is quietly become another rebirth of sunrise industry, many companies have Into the health of old age, rehabilitation of the elderly and other health industries.
With the strong support of national policy, the elderly incontinence product development also ushered in the east wind. Data show that the number of elderly people over 65 years of age in China increased by an average annual growth rate of 4.3 million people, the incidence of urinary incontinence in men over 60 years old was about 18.9%, and the incidence of female urinary incontinence was about 37.7%. Under such a huge amount of data, there is a huge market.
Consumption of adult incontinence products reached 2.86 billion in 2015, a growth rate of 15.8%; while the consumption of baby diapers in the same period increased by only 12.7%. Adult incontinence products faster growth, has more than baby diapers. Said adult diapers is the savior of the elderly incontinence care, is not an exaggeration. Quality large amount of adult diapers, can ensure that urinary incontinence elderly living comfort, peace of mind to drink, remove the trouble for washing, not afraid of urine leakage side. So that urinary incontinence old age life comfortable, comfortable mind, from the body to the psychological have been the most intimate care.

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