• 02 Jan 2020

    2-Week-Old Newborn Baby|Are babies inborn myopia?

    The newborn baby is struggling to adapt to this strange environment, So, what are the characteristics of a 2-week-old newborn baby?

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  • 26 Dec 2019

    The baby resists changing diapers, how to do?

    Mom and dad always have a headache when changing babies’ diapers, because they always move around, they don’t want to lie quietly at the discretion of their parents, and sometimes even cry and shout, insist on not to lie down, as if they were tortured by his family. After all, it is difficult for the mind and nature of the baby to understand the behavior of mom and dad.

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  • 05 Nov 2019

    Baby nails: How to trim your baby's nails|Baby Care Centers

    Cutting baby nails can be tricky but it’s important, because keeping nails short stops babies from scratching themselves. Our guide explains the steps.

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  • 23 Aug 2019

    How To Make Your Baby Love Bath

    Most babies love to take a bath, but if the baby has had an unpleasant bath experience, or the mother chooses the wrong bath time, or the baby feels uncomfortable, the baby will resist bathing.

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  • 10 Jul 2019

    Easy Guide To Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern Month By Month

    Understanding baby sleep patterns - Healthy Baby Guide. Good newborn sleep is important for growth and brain maturity. Find out about baby sleep patterns during the first year and how you can help your little one get the shut-eye he needs.

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