• 12 Jan 2015

    CHIAUS Professional Baby Care Educator Will Lead A New Standard Of National Nursery

    CHIAUS held its first annual event of professional baby-feeding teacher in Quanzhou the city of Fujian province on October 1st,2015. The famous television host Ai Wei and Haifeng in Fujian Province are invited as the event of hosts. On the stage, the top ten players made it relaxed and happy through some fun and interactive activities and personal personal show. Finally, the no.1 player Hong Pingping from Xiamen City won the game and awarded cash prize including RMB 28,888 issued by Chiaus (Fujian) Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. The No.2 player Hu Yongqiang from Quanzhou ranked second. No.5 player Wu Roner ranked third.

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  • 05 Nov 2014

    Chiaus Training College Was Established

    The Chiaus company's chairman Mr. Zheng Jiaming delivered a speech at the ceremony of Chiaus Training College. He said that the purpose of establishment of training college is the company's overall strategic layout. According to the branding and internationalization of development goals, and eventually realize the educational industry output. The purpose of the establishment of College, is that not only upgraded training management systems, but also accelerated the company management system of normalization and established supervision appraisal system, and built the high-performing work team.

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