QK307 Chiaus Baby Diaper
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Chiaus is a baby diaper manufacturer, hava cheap baby diaper factory price.
  • Super Absorbing Layer Super thin fluff pulp absorbent core with ultra strong absorbing capacity offers trusted dryness
  • Ultra Soft Breathable Outer Cover Quickly eliminate stuffy moisture,letting little lovely bottom breath freely
  • Soft Top Sheet Unbeatable cottony softness gentle care and better fit
  • Flexible Waistband All-around flexibility accommodates to baby's free lime movements
  • Blue Dry Layer Instantly draws pees from sensitive skin for dryness without reverse flow
  • Soft leakage Guard Sides Amazing stretchable range gives your little angel the most comfortable and snug fit
  • Flexi-fit U-shape Unique U-shape leg cuffs perfectly fit baby's body