BK019 Adult incontinence diapers
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Incontinence diapers for adults
BK019 Adult incontinence diapers
  • Cheap adult diapers for elderElastic leak guard, leg cuff and widened rear side to prevent the backward leakage trouble
  • Thick adult diaper hospital useTwo absorption cores with imported SAP and fluff pulp can hold and absorb urine quickly, supply perfect solutions for incontinent people
  • adult diapers for Incontinence personPartially adopt the patent of double absorption pad, high absorption guide the fluid while the small pad absorb the fluid quickly. Two pads work harmoniously to ensure safety absorption
  • Adult incontinence diapers for adults'8' shape absorption core design according to ergonomic principles, comfortabe incontinence diapers for adult
  • free samples adult incontinence diapersHumanized and discreet different design for men and women as per different biological structures for men and women. Two absorbent pads are scientifically placed to fit different wet areas—front area in crotch(man) and middle area in crotch(woman)
  • Printed thick adult diapersDouble widen PP tapes on both sides fix the diaper well to the body