5 tips help you solve the baby diapers leaking problem

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Baby diaper is the necessary product during the growth age, and moms have their ways to choose diaper. But mothers are still confused, why the high reputed baby diaper are leaking too? Is it because of baby too active? Or you don’t use the diaper in correct?
Then, how to avoid diaper leaking? 5 tips for you!

1. To choose a right size diaper is very important
Normally, the size has show on diaper package, and there is specification which is suite for different weight baby, and each size have the range of weights, sometimes, it will recover. This is because different babies have different shape, height, belly size and leg size.
Parents choose diaper have to check the weight, but also need to pay attention on the actual usage. If diaper on baby is loose, then the size may too big for him, that will leak easily. So ensure not leaking, the correct size is very important, but the too small size will too tight to leg and belly.
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2. To avoid back leaking, back is higher than belly
The back leaking usually happen when baby lie down, so when you put on diaper for baby, you need to put the back of diaper little higher than belly, and fixed tapes, this will effectively avoid the urine leak from baby’s back.
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3. Side leaking guard has to pull out
When you put on diaper for baby, moms need to disentangle the leaking guard in diaper, after she pad put on diaper for baby, moms need to pull out the leaking guard out from two legs.
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4. Avoid leaking, tapes have to align
When moms stick the tapes have to adjust according to baby’s belly, and another important thing is make tapes in align, that could in case the diaper in right place, decrease the leaking rate.
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5. Pay attention on wetness indicator, change diaper in time
No matter which brand of diaper, there is a max absorption for it. Sometimes are not because of bag quality of diaper, but baby urine too frequently, or the urine is high that over the max absorption of diaper, then leaking guard do not have any work here now, so change the diaper in time is very important to avoid leakage.
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