9 Tips help your baby give up the pacifier

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If the baby has started learning to walk, but cannot leave the pacifier, then something needs to be done to let him forget it gradually. That’s because pacifier cannot only affect the baby’s tooth growth, but may also make the baby more and more depend on it psychologically. How to help baby give up pacifier?The following 9 Tips help your baby give up the pacifier!
1. Reduce using frequency gradually
Try to reduce the times of using a pacifier, and then let baby forget the existence of pacifier slowly. In this process, parents must be persistent, don't show pacifier to the baby right now while they are crying.
2. Make the baby feel safe
During the period of helping babies to kick the pacifier, parents need to spend more time to meet the needs of the baby, spend more time with them. When babies do well parents should give them encourage and reward, communicate with them timely, and know the reasons why they need a pacifier, because the baby sometimes show dependencies to pacifier due to a lack of security in the life.
3. Disperse baby's attention with toys
 Disperse baby's attention with some interesting toys, let him forget the pacifier in playing. Don't linger after the pacifier, baby will be able to quit it soon.
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4. Do more outdoor activities
Take the baby to garden or nearby park for a walk, do some outdoor sports. Let the baby contact with other babies more, and pay more attention on playing.

5. Don't let baby’s small mouth idle
When wandering about the baby's mouth to suck the nipple, can let him sing a song, or mother and says, the easiest way is to let him kiss you.
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6. Don’t threaten the baby
Such as put spicy or others on the pacifier, or punish and force the baby, these ways will only bring negative effect.
7. Take the pacifier away before he speaks
With a pacifier in the mouth, baby cannot speak smoothly, then you will not be able to understand his meaning accurately, After a long time, he may be accustomed to use his hands to point what he want or say something not clearly, it will influence the development of his language communication ability. So tell your baby he has to take the pacifier away before talking, so you can listen to him clearly.

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8. Compared with other babies
Tell your baby, "Look, other babies do not use the pacifier anymore, because only little babies need a pacifier. You have grown up, should not use it" .
9. Seeking help
If your baby still can’t give up the pacifier after you told him/her several times, you can take him to the doctor to ask for help. The doctor will examine the baby while tell him/her the bad effect of using a pacifier, such as it makes him/her ugly. If the baby has been in kindergarten, please turn to the teacher for help.
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