How to care for your baby in winter

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In winter, temperature is big difference in morning and night, with dry climate, children who are low immunity easily catch various kinds of respiratory disease. Therefore, parents should pay more attention for baby’s healthy in winter and learn more about this aspect knowledge.
① Dressing,
timely wear or put off baby’s clothes according to the climate change. If go out to do vigorous activities, do not give baby too much clothes, since baby will sweat after the intense exercise and wet the underwear, which is easily to have a cold and bad to health. When baby sleep without the coat, covering a light warm breathable quilt, in the evening had better choose vest type sleeping bag to prevent baby slips off the quilt and get a cold. In terms of dressing, should touch baby’s hand often, if the hand is cold, you should add one more cloth for baby.

② Food
parents should pay attention to baby’ s nutrition in winter, which is easy to lack of vitamin D and have a cold. Parents should let baby eat more food with rich vitamin, especially food with rich vitamin A, vitamin C to improve the resistance, high energy food can also add some. In addition, parents also need to guarantee baby’s drinking.

③ Fresh air
Keep indoor ventilation where baby plays although the weather getting colder and colder. Do open the window, to maintain indoor air fresh, hold on with cold water to wash baby face, there are many benefits to baby’s health. Besides. Baby’s quilt should wash, sun and keep clean often.

④Outdoor sports
Moderate exercise  is best suitable for outdoor sports, this can strengthen baby’s physique, enhance their immunity. Sunning can promote the absorption of calcium, but improve baby’s physical fitness
⑤  Physical examination
Baby can have semi-annually regular physical examination, except the weight and length of baby, and also note vision test, dental hygiene, etc.  Parents also pay attention to baby’s behavior and mental health, when it is necessary to do intelligence, behavior test, etc.

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