How to correct the bad behavior of nail-biting

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What is nail-biting
Nail-biting is the child bit the nail spontaneous or its personal behavior and somebody also bit their toenails.

Why they like biting nail?
Nail-biting is a kind of normal bad habit among 3-6 years old children. The nail-biting is fading away when children growing up, however some will not until adult.
This behavior is because of children’s mental stress, for example, the new student is easy to get nervous, as well as sickness, and some children are simulating others. Character like Introversion, sensitive, anxiety are nail-biting too.
The light nail-biting children are only bit the nails, but severe children will biting the nail to broke, even the skin around nail, and minority bits toenails too.

How to correct the bad behavior of nail-biting
1.General treatment
Find out the reason cause of nervous and anxiety, adjust the living surroundings for child in time, cultivate the health living habit. Parents should patiently guide the child, encourage him to conquer with bad habit, let him enjoy more activities, distract his attention. When child nail biting, parents could drive their attentions like tell stories ,etc. Cultivate good habit, trim the nails in time.

This treatment is to limit his behavior and positive guidance. The limit means when child bit the nail that parents should patiently tell them to remove fingers from mouth, with encourage and commend, through a interesting thing or toy to distract their attention. Positive guidance means to bring out the facts and reasons to child, let him knows nail biting is a bad habit and its harm to health, he should correct this bad behavior by himself. Meanwhile, tell him to take more activities and exercise.

It has to take time to correct the Nail-biting behavior, parents have to be patient and confidence, and also have to encourage child to insist. But if both parents and child are persistence to treat it, it could be solve well.