Three ways to keep baby with enough sleep time

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1. Avoid baby be frightened.
Parents should keep baby away from "terrible environment ". Don't let baby watch horror movies, television. Don't abuse baby; Don't tell the baby ghost, horror stories. Even the baby go to bed and find it difficult to fall asleep, but also we shouldn't use some horrific words to frighten children. Mom should accompany the baby to help him fall asleep. Maybe you can sing a song, which will help baby enter sweet dreams in Mom's soft voice.
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2. Improve baby's sleep environment.
Parents should create an optimal sleep environment for baby. The bed linen for babies should be washed, drying and changed frequently.
And the bedroom should be quiet, clean, no smoking, keep the air fresh, with soft light. At the same time, parents should not blame each other loudly when they met something dislike.
Family should form a good harmony atmosphere for the baby, which will help to create a relaxed, pleasant psychological environment.
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3.Training children to develop a good sleep habits.
Sleep is the inhibition process of diffuse cerebral cortex, its physiological role is to make the cerebral cortex get rest and recovery. The sleep time baby required in daily is inversely proportional to the age of the baby, the smaller, the more sleep time demanded.
Adequate sleep is one of the important factors that guarantee the healthy growth of baby. However, some parents don't understand or pay attention to the importance of sleep, they always permit the baby sleep very late, even take them to entertainment place or allow them watch TV to midnight etc. Actually, this time, the baby is very sleepy, however, the excessive stimulation makes them too excited to fall asleep. And some parents let their kids eat snacks before going to bed, drink or overeating, resulting in bloating stomach. These also make the baby difficult to fall asleep. Therefore baby should not have strenuous activity at night, but eating in moderation. At the same time, pay attention to the baby's sleep patterns, to ensure that children sleep on time.
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