7 steps to massage your baby

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To massage for baby is a good way to communicate with him, and also good for his health.
To stimulate the baby's skin will make him create more hormone, and improve the absorption of food, digestion and excretion, baby grow faster.
Massage would exercise the whole body muscle, and makes them stronger and health.
Massage could also makes baby calm mood, helps the them sleep.
7 Steps to massage your baby
Seven massage steps is from Cheryl M Toure who is the Founder of America Pacific Massage and Art Rehabilitation School, and she mentioned it in the "Baby Massage Manual". She suggested the beginner to use different massage methods for different body parts.
First step, Warm-up
This is the initial massage, massager sits on floor with his legs unbend, then let the baby lay down on his legs and make baby's head toward to feet of massager. And be on safe side, it'd better cover a towel on legs.
Waving baby's arms back and forth in front of chest, this will relax his back and be better to breath. Then move the baby's legs up and down, just like walking, which will stimulate the two sides of brain.
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Second step, Chest and Body
Gently massage the baby from the outer side chest to the opposite shoulders, then from top to down repeat the actions on baby's body. If the baby is unhappy with his, you may change another posture. This can promote baby breathing.

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Third step, Arms and Hands
Using one hand to hold the baby's one hand, and raise this arm, then use another hand to massage this arm from shoulder to wrist, and then to each fingers. Next, gently knead baby’s fingers and palms. Then change to another hand, repeat the same action, this way makes baby more flexible.
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Fourth step, Belly
Firstly, gently massage the baby between the ribs and pelvis, then slid the fingers from right upper to bottom right of belly, and again from left upper to bottom left. Massaging the belly will help baby break wind and release constipation.
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Fifth step, Legs and Feet
Using one hand to hold baby's one ankle, and raise this leg, then use another hand to massage raised leg from buttocks to ankle, then touch the baby's feet with palm, starting from heel to toes. Then change to another leg and repeat this action. This is to enhance baby's coordination, so that the baby's body will be more flexible. 
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Sixth step, Back.
If baby doesn't mind the prone position, you can try to keep prone position on your legs. Then massager can use palms to massage from baby's neck to buttock. If the baby doesn't like prone position, lie on his back is also possible. Massager can use one hand to hold up the baby buns, and use another hand to massage from neck to backbone. Back massage makes for baby's immunity.
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Seventh step, Face.
All the massage can be started from the face, let the baby look at massager first, and then start the massage to other body parts, this will make baby feel security.
Massaging baby from the mid forehead to outer sides with finger tips. Then, Slid down the bridge of the nose to the tip, and from tip to the sides of nose. Most of babies will like this skill, because they thought you are playing game. But if baby doesn't like this action, then you may need to stop and try it another day.
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These skills of massage could also be done on bed, however, it’s important to pay attention to the baby's emotion.
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