How to toilet train your baby

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The baby in a certain age of toilet training, I bought a baby toilet for him two months ago, he began to sit and play the toilet. Then I emphasized with him several times if he had a pee or poop, he need to sit on the toilet, I did not mean to train him. Two months later, a few days ago, my baby sat on the toilet by himself and completed his first time toilet. This is really a small milestone for him.
The growth of little girl
Girls have a better control in toilet than boys in early stage.
From 15 months to 18month, she maybe actively take the toilet to you one day, if your action is quick enough, you can successfully make her to have a pee in the toilet.
From 18 months to 2 years old, she will have a poop habit after a meal, when she wants to poop, she will take the initiative to find you. If she can wait for five minutes, you can change the toilet training pants for her in the daytime.
From 2 years old to 3 and a half year old, girls can control poop soon. She can keep clean in daytime, occasionally accidents in the evening.

The growth of little boy
In the control of pee and poop, boys develop later than girls, more times to wet the bed.
From 1 and half years old to 2 and half years old, in this stage, boys have no control in intestine and bladder. His bladder is not yet mature and can’t store urine. Even he told you he want to urinate, he can’t hold on after you take the toilet to him.
From 2 and half years old to 3 and half years old, when baby can hold on the urine 1-2 minutes, he can take a toilet and inform you he wants to poop. Even baby told you he would poop, the accidents happen often. Only when baby can hold on some minutes, you can change the training pants for him in daytime.

How to use a toilet
Following are some methods to keep baby clean. You can only train baby toilet, when he tell you by voice or gesture. Training need patience, don’t give any pressure for baby.
First: show the baby how to go to the toilet, if the child would like to see the excrement, just let him look at.
Second: let baby sit on the toilet with clothes, and then tell stories to him
Third: develop baby habit to sit on the toilet without a diaper.
Fourth: once baby has an interest, you can let him sit 2-3 times a day on the toilet.
When baby are willing to use the toilet, you should help and encourage him. Under your support, baby can learn to use toilet quickly and be confident of himself.

Control poop
Although baby first has urination consciousness, but because it is relatively easier to endure poop, so you can train him to have a poop first. When he told you he wants to have poop, you should encourage him to use the toilet. After poop, use tissue to clean his bun ( clean the girls’ bun from frontal to behind), then flush poop together with tissue, and then use disinfectant to wash toilet. After cleaning, you should encourage baby to wash hands with you.
Control pee
When baby first has urinate consciousness and point to the diaper to tell you, which means his bladder already development. With the mature of bladder, baby hold on pee more and more long time. Sometime baby will not wet diaper after taking a nap, this situation will continue for a period of time, you can let baby urine before taking a nap, then without wearing diaper. If the baby did well, will inform you when he wants to urinate, also made a few minutes to let you ready, you can take off diaper in the daytime.
If baby can’t hold on pee in a long time, an accident is inevitable, you must keep calm and shouldn't scold the child. All you need to do is cleaning up, changing clean clothes, and then tell him: "it doesn't matter. Try again next time!"
Use toilet trainer
When baby begins frequently to use toilet, you can try to let him to use toilet trainer. Most babies don’t want to sit in the toilet trainer, since they fear fell to it. So you can buy So you can buy a specially designed toilet trainer mat, let the baby feel more secure in the toilet trainer. Can send a small step in front of the toilet trainer, which is convenient for baby get up.

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