How to Hold Newborn Baby Correctly

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The body of newborn baby is very soft, many new parents are afraid to hold the baby. But do you know, in addition to soft body, newborn babies under 3 months can't maintain long time upright posture, because their bone did not developed yet, their bone is soft, their weight are supported by the neck muscles and ligaments. So if the babies maintain upright posture without the support of their head, which may lead to the damage to their neck muscles and ligaments. So, what's the correct way to hold the newborn baby?

Wrong methods that hurt baby's cervical vertebrae
Wrong way of holding baby. Babies have natural desire to close to their mother, they don't want to lie down, they want them to hold them as early as possible. New mothers are very passionate, however, they are lack of experiences, they always hold the baby at once when baby is crying, or they will always hold the baby without master the correct way of holding, which are very likely to increase the rate of hurting baby's cervical vertebra.
Baby sleeping in the car. We can often see such situation on the street: the baby has been sleeping in the baby car with their head down while the parents are keep pushing the car to move forward, which is another common factor that causing cervical spine injury in infants. In addition, situations like baby fall out the car with their head down when they stand up are very common.
Falling from the bed, which is an emergent factor of cervical injury in infants when they can climb and walk. And doctors always think of traumatic brain injury only when baby fall from the bed, however, the cervical injury is much more than traumatic brain injury in the baby. Since  there is hard skull protection for the brain, but children will often have sprain in their cervical spine, which may lead to indirect impact of violence cervical compression injury.
Correct ways of holding newborn babies to protect them from cervical injury
Experts suggest that not too hold the newborn too early. The right way to hold the babies are as follows:
First method
1).Directly hold the baby's head, and put it on your chelidon.
2).Hold one side of baby's ass with one palm, hold another side with the other palm, then pick up the baby, this is the most common way that mothers used.

Second method
1).Mother holds baby's head with one palm
2).The other palm hold the baby's legs.
3).Put the baby's bum on mother's legs.
4).Make the baby face to face with mother, make the upper part of baby's body and the mother's legs at an angle, but not too upright.

Third method
1).Hold baby's head with one palm, hold baby's leg with another palm
2).Place the baby in the mother's armpit clip
3).The hand that hold the baby's head, can also try and hold baby's bum (with the strength of joint)
4).Wash baby's hair or do other nursing work with another hand.

Several Notes of Holding the Babies
Newborn babies need to sleep 20 hours per day; babies about six months need to sleep 16 hours or so. So, in addition to feeding, changing diapers and other special circumstances, don't hold the baby too often.
Due to the physiological characteristics, baby's stomach, cardia muscle is much more relaxed, but their pyloric muscle is very tight, in this case, if you hold the baby and play with him in your arms after he is fed, the food is easy to escape from the cardia and cause vomiting.
Baby's bones grow faster, it's very unfavorable for the normal growth of the baby. Hold the baby and take them out to basking in the sunshine in usual is necessary to enhance their resistance, but the time should not be too long.
Do not hold your baby uprightly: newborn baby's head accounts for quarter of his whole length. When you hold them uprightly, the weight of the baby is totally pressure on his cervical spine. Baby's cervical neck muscle is not fully developed yet when he is just 1-2 months, parents should not use such kind of incorrect holding way to prevent your baby from arms spine injury. Although such kind of injury is difficult to find out, it would affect the child's future growth and development. So don't hold your baby uprightly.
Do not hold your baby for a long time. people love to their baby has reached an unparalleled degree. Continuously holding the baby one by one, day and night when the baby was just born for a few days. But do you know, that kind of actions violates the natural growth and development law of the infant, it is detrimental to the baby.

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