How worker fathers accompany their children effectively

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Children would be smarter if dad accompany them more
Currently in many families, the father seems to be responsible for the economic responsibility of the family, mother and child rearing is only responsibility.
Father’s love, care, emotion and eventhe move exerts a subtle influence on their children, they play a unique role on the growth of children.
Research shows that children less contact with their father, the development speed in weight, height, movement and some other aspects will behind others, and they may get anxiety, hyperactivity, dependency, etc. But the more participation of parenting by thefather,the more intelligent and adaptable the children would be, andtheir personality would be more tolerant and responsible under the care of their father.
Suggestion 1: More involved in children's study life
Sincethe father have a great influence on children's growth, so we suggest the fathershould spend more time with their children no matter how busy they are. And fathers ought to put attention to children’s growth from their birth, give them a rational and full of love situation, let children grow better. So fathers should be actively involved in the growth of children from theirbirth.
Suggestion 2: Must have patience with children

Fathersalways behave impatiently in the process of accompany children, when children are bored, theyare not willing to take care of anymore. And some fathers would be screaming at childrenif they are not obedient or mess things. So fathers should know the development characteristics of their children, and know thatchildren’s perception of the world is gradually established, many times we need to explain and wait for them. When understanding their children, father's tolerance degree will also be increased accordingly.
Suggestion 3: High quality accompany with children at least 15 minutes a day
The establishment of a good parent-child relationship is long-term. So spend some time with your kids is crucial, at least 15 minutes, of course more time is better. But fathers need notice that it is not a simple accompany with their children, but should be accompanied by high quality. It means staying with the children fully, no distractions, invest, and enjoy the moment. If the children are reading, but father is playing mobile phone beside, then the company doesn’t make any sense. However, to make it quality, whatfathers can do?
Game: Such as playing chess, puzzles, building blocks, drawing, reading, etc,they can not only cultivate the parent-child relationship, but also can bring joy, wisdom, hope, courage, enthusiasm and confidence to children.
Doing sports: Doing sports with children is a very happy thing, for examplein every morning or at the weekend, running, playing soccer or basketball with children can not only build up their bodies, but also make them be fond of doing exercise and develop good living habits. In addition, fathers can take the children to climb mountains, exploring the nature in holidays.
It is the most effective way of parent-child communication, fathers can share children their childhood experiences, small setbacks or achievements on work, to make their children become more aware of their father; At the same time also can let their child learn to share their achievements likeassemble a robot today, learned a new song in the kindergarten yesterday... After sharing, you will get a more intimate parent-child relationship.

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