What should parents do to a picky-eater baby

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Children picky eating is always plague parents, this is harm during growth.
There are many reasons cause the picky eating, such as too worry about the nutrients for baby, and indulge on diet, too impatient on correct baby’s diet and eating habit, or parents have irregular dietary, etc. Then, how to solve this problem?
1. The right and suitable guide
For example, tell children the dish names, and tell them the advantages of health in the meal.  Such as make them more clever, handsome. Don’t repeat again and again, also don’t  force them, or this will make them get the aversion to food.

2.Set a good example for child
Parents behavior is the object for child to imitate. Parents should keep a good diet habit, don’t picky eating in front of child.

3. Offer a small amount of new food
When provide new food to child, we should only provide with a small amount. Giving the new food while child is hungry always can get a good result.

4.Choose outflanking tactics
Don’t go straight to the point, and push baby to eat, you may need to find some different ways to encourage his interesting on eating, helps baby get rid of the bad emotion to have food.

5.Cooking together
Ask picky-eater baby to work together with Mom to cook the food, this is another important way to promote baby’s appetite. Because the meal is the fruit of his labor, that will make him more interest on it.

6.Choice instead of decision
When baby sit beside the table, there will have many dishes in front of him, mothers should not ask him which one he want to eat, but ask that do you like vegetables first or radish? This will be a hint to tell baby that not only vegetables and radish but also other dishes need to eat.

7. Encourage child to have different food
On table, mother should encourage baby to try those food that they dislike or never try, it is good enough as long as he just try a little. Encourage baby to try different food and find more interesting food.

8. Don’t be half-hearted
Don't watching TV while eating, ensure children have a fix time to have meal.

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