How to Care for Baby's Teeth

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Nowadays the baby can eat a variety of snacks, a variety of sweets, desserts, plus milk powder before going to bed, so now there is a serious problems for baby's teeth health.We often can see the lovely babies, however,there is a mouthful of black teeth when they laugh, beautiful but also down in the second.The toothache is a terrible thing for babies.

Milk Teeth Question 1: Dental Plaque
Dental Plaque was subsist among gum and teeth, or the slit between the teeth. It is soft and sticky that does not easy to clean. It’s the “ecotope” which alive by germs, even you had cleaned, it will afresh after 1 to 6 hours. Mothers have to look up carefully on teeth , and more important is teaching baby have their mouth rinse and brush. When baby is too young to spitting, mom can help your baby have his teeth brush with water, while the baby old enough to spit, then mom can choose the toothpaste which include little fluoride and ask the baby to brush twice a day in morning and night. 
TPS: Oral Caring
When new mother discover there are something like teeth in baby's mouth, usually she will try to scratch them, actually those things also named " the horse tooth", the baby’s oral mucosa too thin while it will been hurt and infect by scratch. Breast feeding is better for baby growth oral and maxillofacial through sucking. For bottle feeding should choose a suitable nipple and have to clean in time, in case any hurt to baby's mouth.

Baby teeth problem 2: Lack of minerals
A teeth has separate for three parts: crown, neck and root, and most of time we are only pay attention on crown. The surface of crown is the milky white enamel, it contents 96% inorganic salt, and the inside teeth body is light yellow, also content 70% inorganic salt, that is why the teeth do not strong enough when body lack of minerals.
Human body needs nutrients like : carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, water, dietary fiber, it has to keep balance to intake nutrients, the high calcium foods include seaweed, dried bean curd, soy, and foods high in phosphorous have pork liver, mushrooms, oatmeal, the food both high withcalcium and phosphorus is milk and sesame.

TIPS: Calcium and phosphorus absorb
In order for baby to absorb more calcium, mothers will put their babies to lie down in a sunny room to bask. Indeed, ultraviolet light is promoting the active vitamin D3 growth to help calcium absorb, but the light through window does not any use.

Baby teeth problem 3: Baby teeth grow late
Generally, 18 months baby has 12-14 teeth, but some babies only have 4, the story told, the baby only feed with breast is short of nutrients to make teeth growing.
a. Food with rich minerals
The major compound of human teeth, alveolar bone and jaw are calcium and phosphorus, the teeth to growth should have enough calcium and phosphorus. Milk and milk products are the most important foods for baby to intake nutrients. In whole grains, soy, seaweed and black fungus are also have the calcium conduce to teeth grow for baby.
b. Have more foods with protein
Protein is in a very important role for teeth to grow. Teeth will malalinement when short of protein, or late growth and decayed tooth.
c. Have more foods with vitamin
Both short of minerals or vitamin will affect the teeth growth

Baby teeth problem 4: Decayed tooth
Babies cannot stand with Cake, cookies, candies, those sweet foods, but they are very easy to stick on teeth surface, and it provide a good situation for saprodontia, so those foods should not eat frequently, it’d better to let kids have more rough, fibrous food, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, not only the nutritional sufficiency, but also to clean the teeth by chewing and friction surface, reduce the residue, make it unable to fermentation.
TIPS: Dental caries
Baby teeth do not have to visit a dental, they will becoming good while change to permanent teeth. Decayed tooth hurt not only teeth but also the pulp and alveolar bone, and permanent teeth will also influenced. As long as more saccharine will induce decayed teeth, why not choose some other saccharine to instead. Xylitol is the best to replace saccharine, according survey, Xylitol could reduce incidence rate 85% to 90% dental decayed.

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