Is it necessary to choose thick diapers for baby

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When winter coming, parents began to worry about how to add baby clothes, afraid of that baby wearing too little will get a cold. In order to keep warm, some parents will choose thick baby diapers. They think thick diapers can not only keep warm, stronger capacity of liquid, but also reduce the time to change the diaper, which is good to avoid baby catching a cold. However, this is really unreliable.
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In autumn or winter, it is not as good as you think to use thick diapers
Some Moms thought, it is hot in summer so to choose thin diapers, lighter and more breathable; autumn or winter is cold, should wear baby more clothes to keep warm, therefore they buy thick diaper since it is not easy to get a cold. However, thick diapers are not like clothes, they are not so good as you think.
What causes this misunderstanding, the main reason is parents tend to have following wrong recognition: 
1. Does thick diaper have better absorption and warm performance
Many babies are prone to have diaper rash, which is most relative to the less frequency of changing or the unclean usage of a diaper, that result urine or poo direct contact with babies’ skin for long time, cause irritation.
First of all, the absorption performance is relevant to the SAP and fluff pulp. Material is different, effect of absorption is different, it is not tell by thick or thin.
In general, compare the same brand thick or thin diapers, the thick diaper has more fluff pulp or cotton fiber, the worse permeability, although it is warm performance is a little better, but baby’s ass is kept in airtight diaper in long time, which will increase the chance to get diaper rash.
So, by contrast, thick type diapers are not a wise choice.
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2. Can avoid getting a cold by reducing the frequency of changing the diaper
Many Moms believe, thicker diaper can absorb more urine that reduce the frequency to change a diaper; what’s worse, they think weather is cold, less changing can keep baby away having a cold.
Above ideal we mentioned, is also not scientific. The capacity of liquid of a diaper is related to SAP, is not only because of the thickness.
Secondly, when change a diaper for baby, as long as you are ready to do some former work, such as prepare a new diaper in advance, choose the right temperature in the room, quick action, etc., which are all can prevent baby to catch a cold.
If you don’t change a new diaper for baby in long time, there will be a big risk of diaper rash. So, even in the cold weather, you should change new diaper for baby in time. In general, every three hours to change a new diaper. Of course, when baby poo or full of urine, you can consider to increase the frequency of changing a diaper.
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How to choose a right diaper for baby in cold seasons? Since thick diapers is not good
Above all, what we should stress is, that is not to say the thick type diaper must be bad, it is just because most moms to choose them as they can keep warm, but they are not so good as moms’ imagine.
Then, considering the characteristics of autumn and winter, it is suggested to focus on the following aspects when moms buy diapers:
A.  Choose the soft-touch top-sheet diapers: in autumn or winter, the weather is dry and cold, some babies’ skin would increase the friction with diapers because of the lack of water, this can cause baby uncomfortable. So Moms can choose much softer cottony top-sheet, which can reduce the discomfort due to the friction.
B.  Select a diaper with skin protective layer: after baby poo, inevitably baby’s skin will be irritated by some urine, so choose a diaper with skin protective layer can moisten baby’s skin to a certain extent, giving baby one more layer care.
C. Take the right thickness of diapers: thinking about the characteristics of autumn and winter, Moms should take the permeability and absorption into consider, it is not suitable for too thin or too thick, suggest to buy the moderate thickness diapers.
D. Buy diapers with good leakage proof: in autumn or winter, moms will wear baby with more clothing, if at the time baby have more urine, and diaper can’t have good absorption, this is easily to cause leakage. Not only to add more clean works for moms, if can’t be find in time, baby will in wet clothes, it is a big risk to catch a cold.
E. Therefore, Moms can pick up 3D leakage proof diapers, or special diapers for boys or girls( since boys and girls pee in different places, the absorption core’s place is also different)
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