8 Common Causes of Newborns Vomit

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To take care of newborn baby is a new challenge to the new parents, many newborns will always encounter some minor problems after birth, such as vomiting or spitting up etc..
Newborn baby does not adapted to the external environment, will always encounter different kinds of problems, one of which Newborns vomiting is a common problem, in which case, mothers should calm down first, and find the cause of newborn baby vomiting, then carry out symptomatic treatment.
Feeding and Infectious vomiting 
The common causes of newborn baby vomiting are as follows:
1. Inappropriate Feeding
Clinically inappropriate feeding the most common cause of newborn baby vomiting. Newborns is born with sucking, swallowing and other non-conditioned reflex. While these reflections are not necessarily perfect in preterm children, they often spits up after feeding, especially when fed too much. Newborns is with smaller oral cavity and pharynx, too much sucking of milk can cause choking, vomiting. Newborn stomach capacity is small, if feeding too much, prostration or move them too much after feeding, can also cause vomiting. Also, if the nipple hole too small, newborns sucking too hard, will also cause vomiting. Milk too hot or too cold, too deep take in of nipple will cause throat irritation and so lead to vomiting.
2. Physiological vomiting
The esophagus of the newborns is relatively short, their beginning part of gastric antrum is in a horizontal position. Too fast, too slow feeding or horizontal feeding-bottle can cause too much air wallowing and lead to vomiting.
3. Infection factors
Newborns is vulnerable to infection, and vomiting can be symptoms first appeared. Intestinal infection can cause vomiting, parenteral infection, as flu, pneumonia, omphalitis, skin infections, meningitis, pyelonephritis, sepsis can also cause digestive disorders and reflex vomiting.
Congenital factors
4. Gastrointestinal congenital factors
Vomit is the main symptoms of the disease, but the vomiting time and contents are changing with the different lesions.
(a) Esophagus vomiting. This vomiting happened before the milk into the stomach, in the esophagus. Without any omen before vomiting, often happened before the newborns finish feeding. The milk spitted is not with block, not mixed with acid, no acid smell, since it didn’t enter into the stomach. It is commonly caused by esophageal atresia, pyloric relaxation and cardiac spasm.
(b) Stomach vomiting. This kind of vomit happened after the food entered the stomach, nausea occurred before vomit. The newborns will be restless, and the milk spitted is with sour smell since there is gastric juice inside the stomach. This vomit is commonly caused by congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis and gastric torsion and other diseases.
(c) Intestinal vomiting. Narrow or small intestine oppressed will lead to blockage and cause vomiting.
(d) E. vomiting. It is caused by big intestine blockage.
5. Swallowing amniotic fluid
This kind of vomit caused because the baby swallowed too much amniotic fluid, birth canal secretions, blood, etc. during labor. Such vomit happened when the newborn baby is born but without eating, they vomit foam mucus, sometimes with a reddish brown mucus blood, once the they spitted out all the things they swallowed, the vomit will stop.
Vomit caused by daily disease
6.Medicine Reactions
This kind of vomiting happened when the infant taking chlortetracycline, erythromycin and bitterness strong drugs due to illness and they sucking their mother milk with sulfa drugs, tetracycline, erythromycin ingredient.The vomiting caused by the stimulation of drug to stomach. In general, the vomiting will stop when medication stop.
7. Newborn constipation
The newborns has bowel movement three to five days after birth, long time constipation will cause vomiting, if their defecation smooth vomiting will disappear. The disease mostly will relieve itself one month after the baby born.
8. Newborns hemorrhagic disease
The vomiting caused by stomach bleeding, stimulation of the stomach. Vomit is brown or bright red. After treatment by vitamin K, the bleedingcan be stopped, vomiting disappeared too.
All above are the causes of Newborns vomiting, the severity is not the same, parents should pay attention to it, and to send thechildren to the hospital for checkups, identify the causes and treatment.
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