7 Methods to Prevent Infantile Eczema

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What’s infant eczema? 
Infant eczema commonly known as "milk ringworm", is a common skin diseases associated with allergy. It commonly appears in 1 ~ 3 months after birth, the babies who are allergic to milk. But gradually it reduced after half years old, and most sick babies can heal themselves gradually after one and a half years old . It often appears in the cheeks, scalp, forehead, brow, neck, jaw, or ear back, can also be extended to other parts. Rash starts with small pimple or erythema, then visible blisters yellowish-white scales and scab skin increased.

Eczema is a kind of allergic disease, it happens not only because of baby’s contacting with the sensitized materials, such as milk, fish, shrimp, the protein in meat, eggs and so on, but also related to the tender skin, thin skin cutin layer, rich capillaries, skin inside contains more water and chloride. In addition, mechanical friction, soap, saliva, spilled milk and other stimulus is also a kind of incentive.
Infant eczema is related to many factors, sometimes it’s difficult to clear it. There are four kinds of common reasons are as follows:
1. Genetic factor
Eczema is related to heredity a lot. If parents have one had allergic disease or eczema, so their baby would suffer it with a high likelihood.
2. Food factor
The milk (including milk formula) contains a large number of foreign proteins which cause allergy easily, is the culprit to let baby get a eczema; If the mother eat eggs, fish, shrimp, crab, chocolate, and fructose are likely to cause the baby allergic. the eradication of is The key to eradicate baby eczema is to clear the matter cause it.
3. Environmental factor
Environmental factor can also cause eczema, wool fabrics, synthetic fibers, pollen, mites, sweat, urine, and the dry air could cause eczema.
4.  Mental factor
Emotional factor also can affect the baby to suffer eczema, mental stress will aggravate it.

7  methods to prevent infant eczema:
1. Avoid to let baby contact things which may cause allergic substance as far as possible. If your baby is allergic to eggs, don't feed it temporarily.
2. If mother feed the baby with mother’s milk, they should pay attention not to eat those food that can easy cause allergy such as fish, shrimp, mutton, and had better not eat excitant food such as chili.
3. Keep the baby's hands clean, and often help to cut baby’s fingernail. Avoid scratching in order to infection. Eczema brings painful, then baby often grasp it by hand, but scratching can lead to bacterial infections of the skin.
4. Can't use strong alkaline soap and hot water to wash the affected area of skin. Because soap and hot water will wash out the oil on the surface of the skin to make it more dry, also can stimulate the skin.
5. Dressing the baby with cotton clothes, avoid friction aggravating. Mother and baby don't wear clothes made by silk and wool fabric, lest cause or aggravate allergies.
6. Do not use any hormonal ointment to the baby arbitrarily, because such drugs for external use can be absorbed by the skin and bring the baby side effects. If necessary, use some antihistamine medicine, diminishing inflammation, relieving itching, allergy medicines under the guidance of doctors.
7. If you can't breastfeed, you can refer to the opinion of the doctor to choose formula milk contains prebiotics. Studies have proved that it helps to adjust the infant's immune system, reduce infant eczema, and other allergic to avoid the happening of diseases.
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