How to care your baby in autumn

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In autumn, the temperature difference is big in morning and night, which is very easy for baby to ill, plus the dry weather, the baby's skin needs careful attention. Parents should pay attention to the baby's care, let the baby to adapt to the dry autumn.
1. With a soft towel to clean face
Role : to prevent skin damage
Mother should choose a soft towel when wipes or washes baby, don't scrub. After the completion of cleaning, mother don’t forget to use children's skin care products containing natural moisturizing ingredients for baby. If baby's lips easily weather-shack, mother can have a hot towel in baby’s lips firstly, make lips hyperaemia, then daub lip balm for children. The baby of nasal mucosa is easier to dry, mother can dip in with cotton swabs from saline moist nose.
Some mothers would say the temperature is low in autumn and winter, there is no need to give baby a bath every day. Actually in more days, mother should do a good job of baby personal health every day.
2. Don't be greedy cold drinks
Role: to prevent damage of gastric bowel function
Autumn is not obvious in some places, the weather is still very hot, some mothers keep baby having cold drink like in summer. But the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks cold will have a injury of spleen. Even well-tempered baby can't eat cold drink every day, in addition to limit cold drinks, out of the fridge drinks, yogurt is best placed at room temperature for 15 minutes before eating. Besides, mother try not to pick too much cold fruit for your baby to eat. Otherwise the baby's spleen injury will be more prone to diarrhea.
If baby is really want to eat fruits, should be first selection is snow pear, because snow pear has the effect of lowering dryness in dry autumn , and reducing the baby thirsty.
3. Clean toys and tableware
Role: to prevent the autumn diarrhea
Above we mention if baby eat too much cold fruits are easy to have diarrhea, the main reason is that spleen and stomach become cold. But the reason of high incidence of diarrhea for baby in autumn, many are caused by rotavirus, especially newborn baby's immune system is weak, the most susceptible to the nature of the diarrhea. For the autumn diarrhea prevention, mother should control the baby's healthy diet, pay attention to diet health, regularly for baby toys and tableware with high temperature disinfection, to reduce the spread of bacteria and pollution.
4. Drink plenty of boiled-water
Role: to prevent constipation
Don’t think you just need to prevent baby from diarrhea in autumn, other problems cant be ignored. If improper diet in autumn , baby has to meet the problem of constipation, which is opposite recuperated with diarrhea. In fall, a variety of delicious can let the baby's appetite is big, but high protein foods that are rich in nutrition can let the baby gastrointestinal burden obviously increasing, it's easy to have a bad breath, constipation, etc. Every day baby drink plenty of boiled-water, can reduce colon to the waste water of heavy absorption, excrement and urine can be successful eduction. In addition, yogurt, carrot, apple, banana, corn, sweet potato and other food and also help assist baby defecation in autumn. Of course, it is only suitable for over 1-year-old baby who can eat complementary food.
5. Put a dry towel in baby clothes
Role: prevent having a cold or a fever in autumn
In autumn, morning and evening temperature difference begin to increase, many mothers can not grasp the baby clothing thickness, especially when baby play with sweat in the sun, and it’s easy get sick by the cool wind at dusk. So, mothers should prepare more clothes for baby, ready to change clothes for baby. Actually, mothers can prepare more dry towels, put 1-2 towels in baby clothes, especially in the chest and back. When baby have hot after playing, touching baby’s neck first, if sweating, take a dry towel instead of the wet one.
Many baby have a fever due to wearing too many clothes, which make heat unreleased from baby. Therefore, the clothes for baby, should be loose, ventilation and easy for baby to move.
6. Changing diapers for baby frequently
Role: to prevent diaper rash
Baby diaper rash is one of the most common problems, which some mothers think that the weather is dry in autumn, the baby's skin is also dry, so the time of changing diapers can be reduced accordingly. The ideal is wrong, in fact, the main reason of baby diaper rash is from lazy mothers, not from the weather and environment problems.
If baby diaper rash is serious, can temporarily with no diapers, let baby's hip expose to air to keep the skin dry.

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