How to do prenatal education

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Prenatal education game can improve the child's health sensitivity, but also conducive to the development of children's intelligence.
Scientific prenatal education will be positive to baby's brain development, many prospective mothers know that a reasonable prenatal education will be helpful to the baby development, but do not know which kind of prenatal education is beneficial to the baby, so how to do the prenatal education games?

Sound game
Holding an interesting book suited the baby, telling the story for the baby according to the text on the book; gradually you may find that you can tell the story based on the pictures without words.The highest level of the sound game is to see what, then talk them with baby.

Music game
Prospective father may wish to prepare some of the mellifluous music , and then invite the pregnant Mom to enjoy the music quietly, enjoying the "three World "!
Fetal baby like low-frequency sound, so prospective father can hum the songs for baby

Touch game
1.  Pregnancy 20 to 36 weeks, prospective father can help pregnant Mom to take a supine position, letting her completely relax, and then use both hands from top to bottom, left to right, gently touching the abdomen.
2. Kick belly game.
Gently pat the place which the baby just kicked to see how the baby will give the response. then change a new place to see whether the baby can quickly respond and identify the location.

Light game
Pregnancy around 36 weeks, fetal baby will have the response to light stimulation. Prospective father can turn on and off a flashlight to irradiate baby's head in a fixed time every day, each time lasts 2 minutes.

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